DeepLook-CS Crosswell Seismic Imaging

Seismic imaging at the reservoir scale

DeepLook-CS crosswell seismic imaging delivers up to 100 times the resolution of surface seismic data by placing the receivers and source in adjacent wells and imaging the interwell volume. Both the direct arrival and reflected information can be processed to provide a detailed subsurface image of the reservoir or zone of interest, revealing subtle structural aspects and significantly increasing the accuracy of fluid migration monitoring.

Bringing accuracy to reservoir geometry, rock properties, and fluid migration

From imaging fine-scale structures though providing detailed time-lapse monitoring, DeepLook-CS crosswell seismic imaging is applicable for the most rigorous imaging applications. The crosswell seismic data improves the understanding of reservoir geometry and rock properties from the reflection seismogram and details fluid migration, including steam chambers, from both the velocity tomography and reflection seismogram.

Bridging the deep-reading gap

Measurements from DeepLook-CS crosswell seismic imaging bridge the gap between well logs and surface seismic measurements by collecting seismic data between two or more wells. Velocity, reflection, and other sonic properties are measured to provide structural and physical characteristics in both horizontal and vertical directions.


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