High Pressure, High Temperature

HPHT Qualification Process

The rigorous, extended qualification process for Schlumberger HPHT tools includes numerous tests conducted at a system level for the entire tool, as well as testing of individual components, electronics boards, and subassemblies. The mission profile for our HPHT tools is quantified, reliable tool operation under the full operational and environmental load. For PressureXpress-HT high-temperature reservoir pressure service, qualification testing includes high-temperature operations up to 450 degF [232 degC]. The MDT Forte-HT system for high-temperature formation testing and sampling is similarly tested for a 100-h temperature rating at 400 degF [204 decC]. The qualification process simulates the harshest situations equipment may experience during field operations, including transportation. The result of these exhaustive qualification tests performed at the Schlumberger manufacturing center is increased reliability and quantified operating confidence at the maximum tool ratings.

Extended reliability testing

The design qualification process concludes with extended reliability testing, during which the tools are subjected to a lengthy operational test under cycles of temperature, power, functional load, and shock. An extensive database compiled from the reliability tests is used to predict system or component failure and define preventative maintenance events for the tool. Each tool is similarly subjected to extremely rigorous temperature, pressure, shock, and vibration testing as part of the design criteria and again before each tool is sent to a field operating base.

Quantified operating confidence

To sustain quantified operating confidence in each tool, preventive maintenance procedures and steps have been defined for field operations implementation, providing the most reliable tool each and every job.

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High-Temperature-Qualified Formation Testing

MDT Forte Image
MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT rugged and high-temperature modular formation dynamics testers deliver pressure measurement, downhole fluid analysis, and sample collection in hostile and extreme environments. Visit the MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT webpage

14-Hour-Long Pressure and Mobility Surveys at 450 degF

PressureXpress-HT Qualification Image
PressureXpress-HT high-temperature reservoir pressure service returns accurate pressure and mobility measurements during single-trip surveys at the industry’s leading holding time for high-temperature environments.
Visit PressureXpress-HT page