Interpretation Services for Petrophysics

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Process, interpret, and integrate your E&P data with petrophysics experts

Schlumberger petrotechnical specialists help you characterize and understand your reservoir by evaluating rock and fluid properties such as porosity, fluid saturations, permeability, lithology, and rock mechanical properties. These results help you determine hydrocarbon reserves and reservoir producibility, decide where to complete and how to stimulate, pinpoint where to land your lateral, and devise long-term field development strategies.

Meet your petrophysical objectives

From planning a data-acquisition job to the delivery of final interpreted results, we work with you to ensure the data and interpretations meet your needs. We have the flexibility to incorporate core data, test results, and any other input into our log-based interpretation system. And, because our experts have an in-depth understanding of the latest acquisition technologies, you’ll derive the maximum value from the data obtained.

Gain certainty with real-time support

E&P data must often be processed, interpreted, and delivered quickly to support critical decisions impacting wellsite operations—and our petrotechnical centers provide these services on an around-the-clock basis. Real-time support and quick turnaround times can be provided with proper prejob coordination.

Lithology, Porosity, and TOC

Water Saturation and Movable Fluids

Permeability and Mobility

Acoustic Processing and Interpretation

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InterACT Connectivity, Collaboration, and Information Service
InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service lets you monitor and manage wellsite information from the office or the road. Visit InterACT Service page

Log-Based Petrophysics and Tight Rock Analysis

FMI image log clearly showing where XL-Rock core samples have been taken.
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