Interpretation Services for Petrophysics

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Combining advanced technologies and workflows with multidisciplinary expertise,  our petrotechnical experts deliver the actionable information you need to make your best-informed decisions across the E&P lifecycle. We integrate and implement prejob planning, real-time support, innovative technologies, and advanced software like the Techlog wellbore software platform to maximize the value of your logging data. 

Prejob Planning and Acquisition Support

  • Recommendations on logging programs to address formation evaluation challenges
  • Planning of tool combinations for optimal data quality, wellsite efficiency, and safety
  • Real-time support and LQC of logging data and sample quality

Standard Interpretation

  • Matrix-corrected total porosity, lithology, and clay volume
  • Permeability estimation and bound fluids versus movable fluids
  • Structural dip information and net sand determination for laminated sequences
  • Fluid gradient analysis and mobilityevaluation

Advanced Interpretation

  • Anisotropic rock mechanical properties for optimized well placement and completion design in layered formations
  • Reservoir fluid property and connectivity studies
  • Accurate petrophysical analysis in laminated, complex, and low-porosity formations with direct determination of TOC
  • Detailed stratigraphic and textural geologic information
  • Fracture characterization

Petrophysics workflow

Real-Time Collaboration—
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InterACT Connectivity, Collaboration, and Information Service
InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service lets you monitor and manage wellsite information from the office or the road. Visit InterACT Service page

Log-Based Petrophysics and Tight Rock Analysis

FMI image log clearly showing where XL-Rock core samples have been taken.
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