Acoustic Processing and Interpretation

Comprehensive evaluation of sonic measurements

Our acoustic experts use proprietary software to carefully filter and process full-waveform sonic data for compressional, shear, and Stoneley wave measurements. With advanced software, we can process fast and slow shear and determine the fast shear azimuth. We can also generate radial profiles of compressional and shear that serve as indicators of formation damage near the wellbore.

Reservoir characterization applications

  • Indicate porosity, secondary porosity, and lithology
  • Identify gas zones and open fractures
  • Measure mobility

Geomechanics applications

  • Design drilling plans for wellbore stability and trajectory optimization
  • Conduct stimulation planning for input to fracturing models
  • Specify rock strength and in situ stress in perforation design

Geophysics applications

  • Improve 3D seismic analysis and depth tie-in
  • Determine transverse isotropy (TI) elastic parameters
  • Input to fluid substitution

Determine the distance to formation boundary

Using a borehole acoustic reflection survey (BARS), it is possible to image bed boundaries and fracture planes dozens of feet away from the wellbore. This method can be used to analyze fracture density away from the wellbore. The fractures do not have to cross the wellbore to be seen, unlike fracture detection from borehole resistivity imaging. Bed boundaries can be seen from a BARS survey to verify their lateral location for a horizontal well.

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Sonic Scanner Acoustic Scanning in the North Sea

Sonic Scanner used in the North SeaSonic Scanner illustration
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