Acoustic Processing and Interpretation

Interpreting all available petrophysics data and integrating these results with other measurements helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your reservoir. Our experts have experience with all logging measurements—whether conveyed on wireline or drillpipe, pumped down through drillpipe or conveyed via tractor, and in openhole or cased hole environments.


Realize the benefits of real-time multipole sonic data for advanced risk mitigation, cement evaluation, quantitative formation evaluation, and completion design.

Sonic While-Drilling Services

Use sonic data for advanced dispersion correction, acoustic porosity determination, and more.

Sonic Scanner

Understand the reservoir stress regime and anisotropy through 3D acoustic measurements made axially, azimuthally, and radially.

Geomechanics Services

Enhance every stage of the reservoir life cycle, from predicting drilling risks in your first well to maximizing recovery from mature assets.

Engineered Completions Boost Eagle Ford NPV by 30%

The engineered completion design aligns the fracture stages and their perforation clusters with intervals of high reservoir quality and similar completion quality.
Engineered completions based on reservoir and completion quality determined from logging data improve the average Eagle Ford perforation efficiency to 82% from the 64% average achieved with conventional geometric spacing. Read case study

Sonic Scanner Acoustic Scanning in the North Sea

Sonic Scanner used in the North SeaSonic Scanner illustration
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