Lithology, Porosity, and TOC

Interpreting all available petrophysics data and integrating these results with other measurements helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your reservoir. Our experts have experience with all logging measurements—whether conveyed on wireline or drillpipe, pumped down through drillpipe or conveyed via tractor, and in openhole or cased hole environments.

Litho Scanner

Sourcelessly measure key elements and quantitatively determine total organic carbon (TOC) in a wide variety of formations.


Determine mineralogy and lithology based on elemental yields measured by neutron-induced capture gamma ray spectroscopy.

Platform Express

Log faster and cost effectively with high-resolution conventional and imaging measurements that are depth matched and speed corrected in real time.


Acquire openhole petrophysical data in high-angle, horizontal, or unstable wells with through-the-bit logging on wireline or as drillpipe is tripped from the hole.

Multi Express

Efficiently log boreholes down to 3-in OD with a compact logging string that delivers high-quality measurements on multiple conveyance options.


Reduce risk and logistical demands by eliminating the need for chemical sources to acquire multifunction LWD data.


Obtain resistivity, neutron porosity, azimuthal gamma ray, density, elemental capture spectroscopy, and sigma measurements and borehole imaging—all in one collar.

Accurate, TOC-Corrected Matrix Density and Porosity

Mineralogy determined from Litho Scanner elemental weight fractions is confirmed by core mineralogy.The Litho Scanner element logs.Litho Scanner Minerals Plot
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