Permeability and Mobility

More accurate permeability calculation for improved characterization of dynamic reservoir properties

Log-based permeability estimates can be obtained from several different methods. After calibration, a continuous, accurate permeability can be obtained over the entire logged interval. This continuous permeability can be used to optimize core and sample points as well as to provide a better average permeability for reservoir modeling.

  • Magnetic resonance derived permeability
  • Mobility from sonic Stoneley measurement
  • Mobility from pressure drawdown response taken during a downhole formation pressure measurement
  • Mobility indicated from comparing shallow depth of investigation log readings to deep. For example, Dielectric Scanner multifrequency dielectric dispersion service flushed zone residual oil volume versus deep induction virgin zone oil volume
  • Empirical permeability estimated from petrophysical properties such as lithology, clay content, and porosity

Technical challenges

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Determine Formation Mobility with Minimal Tool Interference

Formation Mobility
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