Permeability and Mobility

Interpreting all available petrophysics data and integrating these results with other measurements helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your reservoir. Our experts have experience with all logging measurements—whether conveyed on wireline or drillpipe, pumped down through drillpipe or conveyed via tractor, and in openhole or cased hole environments.

Sonic Scanner

Understand the reservoir stress regime and anisotropy through 3D acoustic measurements made axially, azimuthally, and radially.

MR Scanner

Obtain NMR measurement of porosity, permeability, and fluid volumes independent of the rock matrix.


Identify producible hydrocarbons in thin sands; low-contrast, low-resistivity pay; and carbonates by using high-resolution NMR.

proVISION Plus

Deliver accurate lithology-independent porosity and continuous permeability in real time.

Determine Formation Mobility with Minimal Tool Interference

Formation Mobility
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