GeoFlex Quantitative Cuttings Analysis and Imaging Service

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While-drilling formation evaluation from cuttings

Bring the laboratory to the rig site to maximize the value of your formation evaluation with the GeoFlex service. This modular service determines the mineralogical and geochemical composition of drilled cuttings as well as their total organic carbon (TOC) in near-real time to support operational decisions and to minimize risk.

Characterize lithology with lab-quality precision

Improve lithofacies identification by combining accurate, repeatable cuttings mineralogy data with high-resolution imaging. Using X-ray diffraction and high-resolution digital microscopy, the GeoFlex service eliminates subjectivity and human error from the process. This insight can help you optimize well trajectory while drilling and select the best zones for logging, sampling, and completing.

Identify trace elements to improve characterization

Adding X-ray fluorescence provides a geochemical fingerprint that identifies the cuttings’ elemental composition, including trace elements. With the exact mineral and elemental composition defined, drilled cuttings from one well can be used to determine if the same formation is encountered in a nearby well.

In conventional reservoirs, geochemical fingerprinting enables you to make highly accurate well-to-well correlations, identify formation tops, select the best casing points, and improve log interpretation.

In unconventional reservoirs, the GeoFlex service determines the presence and concentration of certain elements that indicate depositional environment and the likelihood of preserved organic matter, providing key information on a play’s potential economic value.

Measure TOC to determine exact depths of pay zones

Assessing TOC is essential to optimizing well landing, well placement, and completions quality in unconventional reservoirs. By identifying intervals with the highest TOC levels, the GeoFlex service provides the exact depth of geological targets to help you maximize future production.

Collaborate remotely and reduce rig personnel

Logs from the GeoFlex service can be integrated with available data to create a comprehensive log and is transmitted via InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service for remote multidisciplinary interpretation. High-quality lithological columns are automatically created and recorded in our acquisition system to use as a benchmark in subsequent wells.

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Better Formation Evaluation Decisions at the Rig Site

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