Reserval Qualitative Gas Measurement
of C1–C5

Rapid onsite extraction and analysis of hydrocarbons

An industry reference for reliable and high-quality hydrocarbon analysis, the Reserval, Reserval PURE, and Reserval PURE Heated family of services is designed for efficient and rapid onsite extraction and analysis of hydrocarbons, including accurate, fast chromatography and continuous total gas measurement. Suitable for exploration, appraisal, and development projects, these services provide robust measurements for ratio analysis.

Reserval qualitative gas measurement

This leading chromatography technology counteracts the contaminating effects of complex amines and alcohols in modern drilling fluids. The result is an efficient and reliable extraction of the C1–C5 components from drilling mud for gas ratio analysis under all conditions including harsh drilling fluids and deepwater mud returns.

Reserval PURE qualitative contaminant-free gas measurement

Reserval PURE service allows high-resolution, qualitative analysis, countering the effects of complex new-generation muds that may corrupt gas readings and make accurate gas interpretation impossible. Reserval PURE also removes the effect of drillbit metamorphism and provides cleaner C1 and C2 measurements without any interference from artificially generated components.

Reserval PURE Heated (60 degC) service

This service is designed for challenging environments (where drilling mud component contamination is affecting gas measurement) and operations with cold mud returns (such as in deepwater settings) that are known to restrict efficient extraction of the C1–C5 components.

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