Dielectric Scanner Multifrequency Dielectric Dispersion Service

Direct measurement of water volume, water salinity, and rock textural information

Dielectric Scanner multifrequency dielectric dispersion service directly measures water volume and rock textural information to deliver

  • hydrocarbon volume in carbonates, low-resistivity or low-contrast shaly and laminated sands, and heavy oil reservoirs
  • water salinity
  • continuous log of the Archie mn exponent in carbonate formations
  • cation exchange capacity (CEC), accounting for clay volume.

No longer do you have to wait for laboratory core analysis or accept the uncertainty inherent in estimated Archie parameters. The wait for accurate formation evaluation is over.

No more guessing or delay: Continuous wellsite logs

Dielectric Scanner dielectric dispersion service constructs a high-resolution radial profile of the near-borehole region that provides new and unique information on fluid distribution and rock properties for advanced petrophysical interpretation. Previously, multifrequency dielectric permittivity measurements were conducted only in core laboratories. Now available at the wellsite for use in conjunction with traditional logging measurements, Dielectric Scanner service enables developing a more accurate reservoir description for reservoir evaluation and management.

Measurements that speak volumes

Determining oil saturation from logging with Dielectric Scanner service bypasses the reservoir conditions that can make the results of resistivity-based formation evaluation ambiguous. The insensitivity of the measurement to water salinity, oil viscosity, the clay content of the formation, and borehole quality enables correctly differentiating hydrocarbon-bearing zones from those that are freshwater-wet. In addition, the high resolution measurements made by Dielectric Scanner service are not biased by thin beds.

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