Dielectric Scanner Multifrequency Dielectric Dispersion Service

In formations where it is difficult to calculate resistivity-based water saturation, dielectric dispersion acquisition and interpretation can fill the void. Dielectric Scanner multifrequency dielectric dispersion service directly measures the volume of water present in a formation independent of the formation water salinity. Comparing the water-filled porosity with total porosity from another source determines the water saturation in the near-wellbore region. Our expert, multidisciplinary geoscientists and engineers work with you as needed to further interpretation of the multifrequency data by employing proprietary software to model the dispersive nature of the formation’s dielectric properties. Advanced workflows and software such as the Techlog wellbore software platform are available to maximize the value of your logging data for the fullest possible understanding.

Interpretation Services for Dielectric Scanner Multifrequency Dielectric Dispersion Service
Wellsite Answers

High-resolution invaded zone resistivity, Rxo

Water-filled porosity

Radial profile of permittivity

Radial profile of conductivity 
Standard Interpretation


Total porosity

Invaded zone oil saturation, Sxo

Matrix permittivity

Indication of permeability

Irreducible water saturation
Advanced Interpretation  

Archie exponents m and n

Formation water salinity

Cation exchange capacity (CEC)

High-resolution clay volume

Invasion profile for Sxo and salinity

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