AIT Array Induction Imager Tool

Measuring formation conductivity

AIT array induction imager tools accurately measure formation conductivity in open boreholes as a function of both well depth and radius into the formation for different borehole conditions and environments. Various AIT tools are available for special operating environments, including slim wells and hostile or high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) conditions.

Operating at multiple frequencies for different depths of investigation

The AIT array induction coil operates at multiple frequencies. Software focusing of the received signals generates a series of resistivity logs with different depths of investigation (DOIs). Multichannel signal processing provides robust, stable tool responses with enhanced radial and vertical resolution and correction for environmental effects.

Imaging resistivity

Quantitative 2D imaging of formation resistivity is possible because of the large number of measurements made. The images represent bedding and invasion features clearly and quantitatively. Advanced invasion description parameters are used to describe the presence of transition zones and annuli. The quantitative information about invasion is converted to a 2D image of water saturation (Sw), available at the wellsite.

AIT Tools for Standard, Slim, Hostile, and HPHT Wells

AIT tool configuration
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