CHFR-Plus and CHFR-Slim Cased Hole Formation Resistivity

The CHFR-Plus and CHFR-Slim cased hole formation resistivity tools provide deep-reading measurements of true formation resistivity (Rt) from behind steel casing. Combining resistivity measurements from a CHFR tool with nuclear measurements delivers an enhanced saturation evaluation that is equivalent to an openhole interpretation.

The CHFR tools are components of ABC analysis behind casing service, which provides a dataset of the minimum information required for basic formation evaluation answers behind casing, such as porosity and saturations. This basic insight can be expanded by combining the data with additional measurements. Integrated interpretation employs advanced workflows, the multidisciplinary expertise of our interpretation geoscientists and engineers working with you as needed, and software such as the Techlog wellbore software platform to maximize the value of your logging data. The result is the fullest possible understanding of complex lithologies even behind casing.

Interpretation Services for ABC Analysis Behind Casing Service
Including CHFR Cased Hole Formation Resistivity Tool
Basic Interpretation  Matrix-corrected total porosity, lithology, and clay volume 

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Casing Focuses the Current, Deep into the Formation

Cased Hole Formation Resistivity ToolCHFR-Plus measurements
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