CMR-Plus Combinable Magnetic Resonance Tool

NMR measurements of permeability, water cut, and hydrocarbon pore volume for accurately determining reservoir producibility

The high-resolution CMR-Plus combinable magnetic resonance tool enhances the precision of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) logging. Measurements for determining your reservoir’s permeability, water cut, and hydrocarbon pore volume are obtained at logging speeds 3 to 5 times faster than those of conventional NMR tools. The result is much greater accuracy in productivity estimation along with improved completion design for optimzing well performance and return on investment.

Evaluate porosity and permeability independent of mineralogy

Thinly laminated reservoirs; low-contrast, low-resistivity pay zones; and carbonates are difficult to evaluate using conventional resistivity-based logging technology. The CMR-Plus tool uses enhanced-precision mode (EPM) pulse acquisition to refine the precision of the NMR data associated with the smallest pores and heavy crude oils. High-resolution processing of EPM acquisition delivers total porosity along with partitioning into micro-, meso-, and macroporosity and estimates of the bound and free fluid. Especially in complex lithologies, this information is critical for determining the irreducibile water saturation and potential for water production.

Decrease operating time

The CMR-Plus tool incorporates 30-in magnets that extend above and below the 6-in measurement antenna. The innovative magnet design creates a longer prepolarizing field that makes it possible to increase logging speeds to 3,600 ft/h in fast-relaxation environments.

MRF Magnetic Resonance Fluid Characterization


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