CMR-Plus Combinable Magnetic Resonance Tool

Acquiring magnetic resonance data is the basis for lithology-independent porosity and permeability measurements and determining bound versus movable fluid. Our multidisciplinary interpretation experts work with you as needed to apply advanced workflows and software such as the Techlog wellbore software platform to calibrate permeability to core and provide an accurate assessment of reservoir producibility. Additional interpretation answers from the CMR-Plus tool are water and hydrocarbon volumes and oil viscosity.

Interpretation Services for CMR-Plus Combinable Magnetic Resonance Tool

Wellsite Answers

Lithology-independent porosity

Bound fluid

Free fluid


Standard Interpretation

Adjusted T2 cutoff for bound versus free fluid

Permeability calibration

Density magnetic resonance porosity analysis

Advanced Interpretation

Multimineral petrophysical analysis

Detailed volumetric mineralogy

Solid hydrocarbon volume

Water saturation

Volume of movable hydrocarbons

Volume of movable water

Magnetic resonance fluid characterization

Quantify fluid types, volumes, and saturations

Quantify oil viscosity

Carbonate pore-size porosity partitioning

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Porosity Deficit Differentiates Liquid TOC

Eagle Ford reservoir quality was confidently assessed by pairing NMR porosity volumes from the CMR-Plus tool with the quantified determination of total organic carbon (TOC) from Litho Scanner spectroscopy service.
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NMR Permeabilities Optimize Fracture Design

This chart demonstrates the cost savings and increased production revenue achieved using integrated Schlumberger solutions.
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