CMR Combinable Magnetic Resonance Tool and MDT Modular Formation Dynamics Tester

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Permeability, fluid identification, and contacts in a single descent

Running the CMR combinable magnetic resonance tool and MDT modular formation dynamics tester together in one toolstring gives you information about permeability, fluid identification, and fluid contacts. These data support improved decision making for well tests and reservoir exploitation. Although there’s more data from nuclear magnetic resonance, pressure measurement, and downhole fluid analysis and sampling, both operating and rig time expenses are reduced by combining the two tools on a single wireline- or pipe-conveyed descent.

Conclusive petrophysical analysis of a complex system

A Venezuelan operator needed to confirm the presence of gas, oil, and tar. The log from the combined run of the CMR tool and MDT tester verified the fluid type inferred by the density-neutron data.

The data from both the CMR tool and density-neutron logging confirmed gas in two zones. The other zones had no density/neutron crossover, interpreted as oil, but several had an NMR porosity deficit attributed to the presence of tar. The resistivity log showed no contrast between the tar and hydrocarbon zones in this oil-base mud environment.

The pressure stations surveyed with the MDT tester independently confirmed the presence of tar. All four pressure tests attempted in the tar zones resulted in dry tests. All pressure measurements attempted in the gas or light-oil zones produced good pressure and mobility readings.

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Independent Confirmation of Producibility in One Run

The CMR high-resolution permeability indicator identifies permeability streaks in this laminated sand-shale sequence for sweet spot positioning of the MDT tool.CMR and MDT data resolve a complex gas, oil and tar system.CMR log data successfully streamline MDT operations in this difficult sampling environment.
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