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Rapid petrophysical data processing and visualization to improve completion decisions

The DecisionXpress petrophysical evaluation system provides rapid data processing and visualization by integrating data from the Platform Express triple-combo platform and ECS elemental capture spectroscopy sonde in its unique interpretation software program. Using the PC-based application and its reprocessing capabilities at the wellsite or in your office delivers a robust petrophysical evaluation of sand and shale reservoirs with minimal user input. Subsequent applications of the evaluation benefit from timely supported decision making.

Unlike conventional processing that must be adapted to specific environments, the DecisionXpress system gives you accurate and reliable results in most siliciclastic reservoirs. The system automatically processes and intergrates the data from conventional logging suites and modern spectroscopy tools to quantify mineralogy, porosity, and water saturation, identify porous and permeable zones, and determine fluid movability.

Eliminating subjectivity and guessing in log interpretation

The biases introduced by subjectivity and relying on estimates in conventional log interpretation are avoided by using accurate and consistent evaluation results. Fundamental to this approach with the DecisionXpress petrophysical evaluation system are the quantitative mineralogy and matrix properties derived from the ECS elemental capture spectroscopy sonde and SpectroLith processing. At each depth level, the DecisionXpress system starts processing with the mineralogy and matrix properties and continues linearly, proceeding through the computation of matrix-corrected porosity, permeability, and fluid saturations. The entire computation is performed quickly upon the completion of data acquisition.

The DecisionXpress system usually requires the user to select just one parameter—formation water salinity. The results are then automatically generated to give all the log-derived inputs needed for completion decisions, pressure and fluid sampling, and sidewall core sample planning.

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Petrophysical Evaluation Only Minutes After Logging

Using detailed petrophysical evaluation available only minutes after logging, key decision makers can collaborate from anywhere in the world with secure Web-based access.
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