DecisionXpress Viewer Version 2.0 Release Notes

Features, system requirements, installation, and support

Release date: October 8, 2004


Copyright Schlumberger 2004. All Rights Reserved.

These release notes contain product information about DecisionXpress Viewer for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Full instructions for using DecisionXpress Viewer are given in the DecisionXpress Viewer online Help. You can access this from the Help menu within DecisionXpress Viewer.

Please check with your Schlumberger representative for new information and updates.

What's new in version 2.0

  1. Added tools
    APS/HAPS, LDS/HLDS, and LDT/HLDT are supported.

  2. Logic for tool selection
    If several tools with the same measurement are validated, a logic for default tool selection is provided. User can also choose the tools in the “Set Tool Priority” dialog.

  3. Preprocessing
    Preprocessing for the temperature, pressure, and certain channels is provided.

  4. Maximum clay volume
    Clay volume as a new cutoff for net reservoir and a corresponding optimization plot are provided.

  5. Improved neutron environmental correction
    Mud filtrate salinity is used instead of FSAL for the neutron environmental correction in water-base mud.

  6. Computation of more zone parameters
    Net reservoir porosity thickness, net reservoir permeability thickness, net pay porosity thickness, net pay permeability thickness, and net pay hydrocarbon porosity thickness are computed.

  7. Zone parameters saved into LAS file
    Zone parameters are saved into the LAS file as channels.

  8. Views report in Excel format
    The reservoir summation report and sampling report can be viewed in Excel format.

  9. Annotation supported
    Basic functionalities such as adding, removing, and editing for annotation are provided.

  10. Drag and drop
    Curve and area fill can be moved or copied by dragging and dropping.

  11. Processing of more DLIS files
    As long as the DLIS file contains the minimum dataset, it can be processed by DecisionXpress Viewer 2.0 and DecisionXpress processing is not necessary. Details about the required input channels are listed in the User Manual; refer to Algorithm Description\Data Bindings\Input Arrays.

  12. Adding one checkbox in the Sampling Plot
    The checkbox “Pick Points” added in the Sampling Plot must be checked to be able to pick sampling points. This makes the plot more flexible, such as adding annotation.

System requirements

Minimum requirements for DecisionXpress Viewer are as follows:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Pentium 333-MHz processor (500 MHz recommended)
  • 64 MB (128 MB recommended).
  • ~50 Mb of free disk space required for the installation of DecisionXpress Viewer.

This version of DecisionXpress Viewer runs under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It has not been tested and is not supported under Windows NT, ME, 98 or earlier or later.

Installing DecisionXpress Viewer

This software is designed to be installed under Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

To install using the DecisionXpress Viewer Installer, follow this procedure:

  • If you have an old version of the DecisionXpress Viewer installed on your computer, the installation program will automatically remove it and install DecisionXpress Viewer 2.0.

  • You must have full-control access to the computer to conduct an installation.
  1. Log on to the computer as a member of the [Administrators] group.

  2. Close any applications that are running.

  3. If you have a CD-ROM setup disk, load the CD-ROM into your computer's CD-ROM drive.

    Alternatively, if you've downloaded the setup package from the Schlumberger website:

  4. Decompress (unzip) the downloaded file into a temporary folder.
  5. Open the temporary folder and double-click Setup.exe.
  6. The DecisionXpress Viewer Installer starts.

  7. On the [Welcome] screen click [Next].

  8. Read the [License Agreement] and if you agree, select the [I accept the items in the license agreement] checkbox. Click [Next]. Once you've installed DecisionXpress viewer, a copy of the license agreement is available in the file License.doc in your DecisionXpress Viewer directory. If a message dialog box appears allowing you to change, repair, or remove the DecisionXpress Viewer, that means a DecisionXpress Viewer of the same version is already installed on the computer. Please refer to the "Uninstallation method" portion in this document to uninstall the software first.
  9. Click [Next] to start file copying.
    If you're installing from a downloaded installer, file copying starts immediately.

  10. Input the customer information, such as user name and organization. You can select to install the application for [Anyone who uses the computer (all users)] or [Only for me(Administrator)]. Note, if you select the [Only for me (Administrator)] option, other usera EW not allowed to run the software after installation. You are recommended to accept the default setting. Click [Next].

  11. Select the setup type:[Complete] or [Custom]. Click [Next].
    [Complete] installs all the program features to the default folder: Program Files\Schlumberger\DecisionXpress Viewer.
    [Custom] allows you to specify a folder in which to install the DecisionXpress Viewer. It also allows you to select which program features to install. If you select [Custom], after clicking [Next], a [Custom setup] screen appears letting you change the install destination. Select a destination and click [Next].

  12. Click [Next] to start the installation.

  13. When the [Installshield Wizard completed] screen is displayed, click [Finish].
    Note: It is recommended to reboot your computer when the installation is finished.

Uninstalling DecisionXpress Viewer

There are three ways to uninstall this software.

  1. Click the [Uninstall DecisionXpress Viewer] from the [Start]-[Program]-[Schlumberger]-[DecisionXpress Viewer]-[Uninstall DecisionXpress Viewer].
    A warning message dialog box appears asking you if you are sure you want to uninstall this product. Click [Yes] to continue to uninstall.


  2. Click the [Start]-[Settings]-[Control Panel]-[Add/Remove Programs]. In the [Add/Remove Programs] dialog box, select the [DecisionXpress Viewer] product, and click remove button to remove the software. Similar to the first method, a warning dialog box appears to confirm uninstall. Click [Yes] to continue to uninstall.


  3. From the installer, run setup.exe again and click [Next] in the dialog box. A screen appears telling you that you can change, repair, or remove the software. Select the [Remove] option and click [Next] to continue to uninstall.

    Note: In the [Program Maintenance] screen, there are three options: change, repair, and remove. Select [Modify] to change which of the program's features are installed. Select [Repair] to repair installation errors in the program. Select [Remove] to uninstall this software. The [Change] and [Repair] functions are seldom used.

Known problems and workarounds

DecisionXpress Viewer 2.0 can be compatibly installed with WellEye 2.1, SMA 2.0, Well-ID, DVD View, and BHAiM, but it will cause Data View to become nonfunctioning. Reinstall or repair Data View after installing DecisionXpress Viewer 2.0. Sometimes the old version (1.2, for example) can not be uninstalled successfully through “Add/Remove Programs.” In that case, run the corresponding setup.exe again and select “Remove.”

Sometimes DecisionXpress Viewer 1.2 can not be uninstalled thoroughly, which results in a file named “Dex_Viewer.exe.local” left. If the new version is installed in the same directory, that file may prevent running the application correctly. In this case, remove that file and try again.

Supported language
The fully supported language is US English. If the number format of the language is different from US English, some features may not work properly. For example, the Attribute Editor doesn't work well in Norwegian. To make sure all features can work properly, US English is recommanded. For information about how to change language settings, please refer to FAQs in the Help File.

To generate PDF output, it is necessary for Adobe Acrobat to be installed on your computer. It is recommended to use at least Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or Acrobat Distiller 5.0; PDF Writer is not supported.

DLIS reading

DecisionXpress Viewer 2.0 uses DLIS Broker in Log Graphics 2.0 to read DLIS files. For some DLIS file (two known types of DLIS file as listed, DLIS Broker can not read the data completely. This issue has been reported to DLIS Broker maintenance team.

  • DLIS files containing both bottom-up depth index and top-down depth index
  • DLIS files containing both time index and depth index.

Cutoff line display
If there are several zones and the cutoff line is moved in one zone out of limits range, the cutoff lines below this zone will also disappear. This is a known bug of Log Graphics and has been reported to the developer team.

Sampling points depth line display
If many sampling points are added very closely, the refresh can cause many trails of the depth line of the sampling points. This issue can quickly disappear automatically.

Third-party license agreements

This software uses the following third-party software components:

  • PRO Essentials V (free at run time)
  • Sheridan Active Splitter (free at run time)

and the following Schlumberger software components:

  • Horizon Log Graphics 2.0 (Erika) package.