DecisionXpress Viewer

View and reprocess petrophysical evaluation data in real time

Users can view and reprocess data obtained from the DecisionXpress petrophysical evaluation system in real time in the office or at the wellsite with the DecisionXpress Viewer, a stand-alone PC application. The DecisionXpress Viewer application is simple enough for occasional users, yet advanced enough to perform a robust petrophysical evaluation suitable for immediate and long-term well decisions. There are only three user inputs required for the interpretation: formation water salinity (FSAL), cation exchange capacity (CEC), and hydrocarbon viscosity (HVIS).

Siliclastic petrophysical evaluation

At the heart of the DecisionXpress Viewer is the DecisionXpress (Version 2.0) petrophysical evaluation system algorithm engine, which provides quality-controlled petrophysical interpretation for siliciclastic formations. SpectroLith lithology processing of capture spectroscopy data from the ECS elemental capture spectroscopy sonde provides quantitative mineralogy and matrix properties as the foundation of processing. Total porosity (PHIT) is computed from density (RHOZ) and environmentally corrected neutron porosity (NPOR) from the Platform Express integrated wireline logging tool, after first being adjusted for matrix effects. Total water saturations in the uninvaded and flushed zones (SWT and SXOT, respectively) are computed from the Waxman-Smits equation using a variable m* exponent. Intrinsic permeability (KINT) and irreducible water saturations (SWI) are computed from porosity and mineralogy using the K-lamda permeability equation.

Quantitative mineralogy-based interpretation

The petrophysical evaluation delivered by the DecisionXpress system provides quantitative lithology and mineralogy, porosity, and water saturation. It also provides semiquantitative permeability and producibility for facilitating decisions for

  • planning MDT modular formation dynamics tester pressure measurement and fluid sampling
  • planning mechanical and percussion sidewall coring
  • planning formation tests
  • running casing, drilling ahead, or sidetracking
  • developing completion strategies.

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