Environmental Measurement Sonde

Accurate caliper determination of borehole geometry supports corrections and stress analysis

The Environmental Measurement Sonde (EMS) determines the definite shape of the borehole for evaluating drilling performance, applying environmental corrections, and conducting stress analysis. The caliper readings give you extensive drilling and petrophysical information.

Evaluate borehole geometry accurately

Get detailed information on borehole geometry for

  • better environmental correction of the imaging tool data
  • improved borehole stress analysis
  • precise cement volume estimation, even if the tool is eccentered.

Reduce rig time by combining measurement operations

Combining the improved caliper of EMS service with mud resistivity and temperature measurements supports real-time environmental correction of measurements from the AIT array induction imager tool, IPL integrated porosity lithology tool, and ARI azimuthal resistivity imager.

Enhance log interpretation

You can customize log presentations, as well as log answers, to make better decisions with good visual indications of the borehole profile.

Because the EMS sonde is combinable with all imaging tools and supported by the MAXIS multitask acquisition and imaging system, environmentally corrected wellsite logs can be produced without an extra trip into the hole.

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Accurate Borehole Ovality Guides Packer Setting

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