ECS Elemental Capture Spectroscopy Sonde

The ECS elemental capture spectroscopy sonde provides volume measurements of carbonate, quartz, feldspar, mica, and clay volume. To generate the most comprehensive petrophysical results, our multidisciplinary interpretation experts work with you as needed, employing advanced workflows and a multimineral solver in addition to the industry-leading Techlog wellbore software platform. Because the spectroscopic measurement is independent of natural gamma ray radiation, the clay value is not influenced by the radioactive minerals in feldspars and some carbonates. This unbiased data is the analytical basis for highly accurate answers, even in complex mineralogy.

Interpretation Services for ECS Elemental Capture Spectroscopy Sonde
Wellsite Answers Dry-weight fractions for Al, Ca, Fe, Gd, S, Si, and Ti
Lithology and clay volume
Matrix density
Standard Interpretation Reprocessing in Techlog platform (as needed)
Lithology and clay volume
Matrix density (grain density)
Matrix neutron response
Matrix sigma response
Matrix-corrected total porosity
Advanced Interpretation

Multimineral petrophysical analysis

Detailed volumetric mineral description

Clay typing

Water saturation

Total and effective porosity

Permeability estimation

Detailed lithofacies analysis (sCore lithofacies classification scheme)

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Finding 50 ft of North Sea Pay with ECS Sonde Mineralogy

Petrophysical evaluation of North Sea well. The net pay flags in the depth track of this DecisionXpress display reveal nearly 50 ft of oil pay near X,150 ft. Track 1 presents the gamma ray curve and lithology determined by the DecisionXpress system. Track 3 show hydrocarbon and water along with intrinsic permeability. Fluid saturations and porosity are shown in Track 4. Detailed mineralogy, presented in Track 5, is determined using the ECS sonde and DecisionXpress processing. As in all DecisionXpress presentations, a gray mask indicates that results are outside tolerance specifications.
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