Litho Scanner High-Definition Spectroscopy Service

Accurate mineralogy and TOC from quantitative elemental spectroscopy with 4 times better precision

Litho Scanner high-definition spectroscopy service revolutionizes gamma ray spectroscopy for the detailed description of complex reservoirs. In addition to measuring more key elements in a wide variety of rock formations with higher precision and accuracy than previously possible, Litho Scanner service provides a stand-alone quantitative determination of total organic carbon (TOC).

More elements measured by complementary spectra

The high-output pulsed neutron generator (PNG) and unique cerium-doped lanthanum bromide (LaBr3:Ce) gamma ray detector enable Litho Scanner service to measure both inelastic and capture spectra for an expanded set of elements from that of previous-generation spectroscopy tools.

In carbonates the precise Mg measurement resulting from the complementary inelastic and capture yields is used to accurately differentiate calcite from dolomite at standard logging speeds. The improved S measurement supports the quantification of anhydrite from calcite.

Stand-alone TOC: No models or laboratory analysis

TOC and kerogen content for shale plays are computed by subtracting the amount of inorganic carbon (IC) associated with carbonate minerals from the total inelastic measurement of C. This stand-alone TOC output, based solely on direct measurements by Litho Scanner service, is presented as a continuous wellsite log, independent of the environment and reservoir. The biases introduced by conventional models and the delay in waiting for laboratory sample analysis are eliminated.

Slim diameter, high performance

Combinable with most openhole services and conveyed on wireline, the drillpipe-assisted TLC tough logging conditions system, or tractor, the 4.5-in-OD tool also delivers 4 times better precision than current technology at a higher speed and with outstanding high-temperature performance from the LaBr3:Ce scintillator. No detector cooling system is needed, and the high spectral quality of Litho Scanner service is maintained even during lengthy logging operations at the rated tool temperature of 350 degF [177 degC].

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Determine Mineralogic Complexity with High-Definition Spectroscopy

Litho Scanner service offers the ability to compute total organic carbon and to quantify the mineralogic components of complex lithologies.
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