Litho Scanner High-Definition Spectroscopy Service

For the neutron-induced gamma ray spectroscopy data acquired by Litho Scanner service, our multidisciplinary interpretation experts collaborate with you as needed, using advanced workflows and employing a multimineral solver to provide the most comprehensive petrophysical results. Accurate answers are delivered for even the most complex mineralogy. For example, the clay volume is independent of natural gamma ray radiation, so it is not influenced by the radioactive minerals in feldspars and carbonates. From the direct carbon measurement made by Litho Scanner service the volume of hydrocarbons in your formation can be determined—whether in the form of kerogen, oil, gas, tar, or bitumen.

Interpretation Services for Litho Scanner High-Definition Spectroscopy Service
Wellsite Answers 

Elemental yields for Al, Ba, C, Ca, Cl, Cu, Fe, Gd, H, K, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, O, S, Si, and Ti

 Standard Interpretation

Dry-weight fractions for Al, Ba, C, Ca, Cl, Cu, Fe, Gd, H, K, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, O, S, Si, and Ti

Lithology, clay volume

Matrix density (grain density)

Matrix neutron response

Matrix sigma response

Matrix-corrected total porosity
 Advanced Interpretation

Total organic carbon (TOC)

ELANPlus advanced multimineral log analysis:

  •      Detailed volumetric mineral description
  •      Clay typing  
  •      Feldspar typing
  •      Carbonate typing 
  •      Water saturation
  •      Kerogen, bitumen, and tar content
  •      Permeability estimation

Detailed lithofacies analysis (sCore lithofacies classification scheme)


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Determine Mineralogic Complexity with High-Definition Spectroscopy

Litho Scanner service offers the ability to compute total organic carbon and to quantify the mineralogic components of complex lithologies.
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