MR Scanner Expert Magnetic Resonance Service

Advanced NMR delivers porosity, permeability, and fluid type and movability unaffected by reservoir matrix

MR Scanner expert magnetic resonance service provides a 3D profile of the reservoir and its fluid contents by making simultaneous multifrequency measurements of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) at multiple depths. A single pass produces a detailed formation evaluation for total and effective porosity, permeability, and fluid identification and characterization.

The NMR measurements are made independently of other logging outputs and are unbiased by formation water salinity or the rock matrix. This avoids the ambiguity introduced by shale, thin beds, or low resistivity contrast to conventional measurements. In addition, the measurements are sufficiently deep to let you see beyond the data-quality problems associated with rugose boreholes, mudcake, and fluids invasion. Regardless of hole size, deviation, or temperature, the eccentered design of the MR Scanner tool maintains the depths of investigation (DOIs) of the measurements.

High-resolution NMR analysis reveals production potential

The high vertical resolution of MR Scanner service measurements distinguishes movable from nonmovable fluids, especially in thinly laminated reservoirs. In unconventional reservoirs, which are typically mischaracterized by the averaging approach of conventional logging as having a uniform matrix, new 50-burst magnetic resonance acquisition collects more data to improve the statistics for quantifying even the smallest pore sizes. The result is 6-in or greater resolution in shale intervals with clay-bound micropores. In combination with high-resolution density data, logging with MR Scanner service differentiates aminated pay by pore size and potentially oil-bearing matrix in supposedly “massive” shales.

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Fifty-Burst NMR Acquisition Flags Eagle Ford Porosity

Laminated pay identified by advanced magnetic resonance analysis, Eagle Ford Shale
Advanced analysis of NMR measurements made with MR Scanner service in combination with high-resolution density finds higher-porosity oil-bearing laminations that conventional logs cannot resolve in shale reservoirs.
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Multiple Antennas for Single-Pass Fluid Profiling

Investigate the formation at multiple depths in a single pass.
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