MR Scanner Expert Magnetic Resonance Service

For data acquired using MR Scanner expert magnetic resonance service, our expert, multidisciplinary interpretation geoscientists and engineers work with you as needed, employing advanced workflows and software such as the Techlog wellbore software platform to maximize the informational value. The result is the fullest possible understanding of complex lithologies from profiles of porosity, permeability, fluid typing, and oil viscosity at multiple depths of investigation from a single pass. The water saturations derived from MR Scanner service are independent of formation water salinity or formation lithology to avoided induced measurement biases or ambiguity.

Interpretation Services for MR Scanner Expert Magnetic Resonance Service
Wellsite Answers

Multiple depths of investigation

Lithology-independent porosity

Bound fluid

Free fluid

Standard Interpretation

Adjusted T2 cutoff for bound versus free fluid

Permeability calibration

Density magnetic resonance porosity analysis
Advanced Interpretation

Multimineral petrophysical analysis

     Detailed volumetric mineralogy

     Solid hydrocarbon volume

     Water saturation

     Volume of movable hydrocarbons

     Volume of movable water

Magnetic resonance fluid characterization

     Quantify fluid types, volumes, and saturations at multiple depths of investigation

     Quantify oil viscosity

Carbonate pore-size porosity partitioning

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