Platform Express Integrated Wireline Logging Tool

Reengineering the wireline logging system: fast, compact, and more measurements

The Platform Express integrated wireline logging tool is twice as fast as conventional triple-combo logging and is also more cost effective, requiring significantly less rig time. You’ll increase your logging efficiency with higher logging speeds, reduced set-up and calibration time, and faster turnaround on wellsite processing.

Expanded measurement set

The Platform Express toolstring expands the traditional resistivity and porosity measurements to include high-resolution microresistivity and imaging measurements. Tool movement is measured for real-time speed correction and depth matching.

The integrated sensors set new standards in formation evaluation accuracy. Resistivity measurements are made with either the AIT array induction imager tool or High-Resolution Azimuthal Laterolog Sonde.

Rugged and versatile

In worldwide field tests in a wide range of environmental conditions, the rugged Platform Express toolstring achieved the most trouble-free wireline performance ever. All components pass rigorous shock and cyclical temperature tests. The resulting reliability is 3 times greater than that of conventional triple-combo tools.

Flex joints enable adjusting the Platform Express tool position to fit borehole conditions, including washouts, ledges, and deviated sections. A second pair of arms keeps the skid face of the compact pad applied to the borehole wall. The articulated design and short sonde length enable successfully traversing wells with a short radius of curvature and in the presence of high dogleg severity.

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One-Run Logging Finds Bypassed Reservoir

Platform Express and PressureXpress toolstring
Combining the Platform Express tool and PressureXpress reservoir pressure while logging service in the same toolstring reduced logging time by nearly 40%—and definitively identified a new reservoir at original pressure.
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Less than Half the Length but Twice as Fast Logging

The Platform Express system is less than half as long as a triple-combo, and the logging speed is twice as fast. Set-up time is greatly reduced, and operating efficiency is improved.
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