SlimXtreme Slimhole HPHT Logging Platform

500 degF and 30,000 psi in borehole diameters as small as 3 7/8 in

The SlimXtreme slimhole HPHT well logging platform breaks through the barriers of logging in the toughest of places. Rugged and reliable sensors rated to 500 degF and 30,000 psi are integrated onto a slim wireline string that can log ultradeep wells with borehole diameters as small as 3 7/8 in.

Rugged tools and telemetry for extended HPHT operating time

The SlimXtreme platform combines HPHT-rated AIT array induction imager resistivity, formation photoelectric absorption cross section, bulk density, thermal neutron porosity, and gamma ray measurements. All the tools use advanced wireline digital telemetry rated to the same pressure and temperature as the complete platform. Data transmission capability is through wireline cables as long as 36,000 ft.

Real-time speed-corrected data from extreme environments

Tool output, enhanced by the real-time mud resistivity measurement, is fully corrected for borehole and environmental effects. Computations of water resistivity and saturation, invasion profile, true resistivity, and invaded-zone resistivity are delivered at the same accuracy and resolution as from conventional logging tools and environments.

HPHT logging accessories complement the SlimXtreme platform: flexible joints for logging highly deviated wells, swivel adapter heads, tool tension and compression devices, and extrastrong logging cable. A double-drum capstan system is used to reduce cable surface tension when logging deep wells. SlimXtreme platform logging is also compatible with the TLC tough logging conditions system for drillpipe conveyance.

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Fast Rig-Up and -Down for HPHT Slimhole Logging

The ready-for-rig-up SlimXtreme tool is easy to handle in a field operation.
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