ThruBit Through-the-Bit Logging Services

A unique conveyance platform for acquiring triple- and quad-combo logs in difficult-to-access wells

The options for acquiring petrophysical logging data in high-angle, horizontal, or unstable wells are no longer limited to the extremes of specialized conveyance or forgoing logging completely. Thrubit through-the-bit logging services make it possible to log geometrically complicated wells with greater reliability, at reduced risk, and in less time than alternative conveyance techniques. A full wireline measurement suite is conveyed through the drillstring and Portal bit to log the open borehole on wireline or as the drillpipe is tripped out of the hole.

Industry-standard performance in less time

The small-diameter ThruBit services tools can be run as individual components or in triple- or quad-configuration:

  • Telemetry, memory, and gamma ray
  • Array induction tool
  • Neutron tool
  • Density tool
  • Waveform sonic tool
  • Spectral gamma ray tool.

Logging time is reduced because deployment and acquisition can occur during the conditioning trip, using the Portal bit to ream and condition the hole. 

Conveyance flexibility for reduced risk

ThruBit services provide unparalleled operational flexibility for either conventional wireline logging or through-the-bit conveyance in memory mode. Where conventional wireline logging is not advisable or not possible in vertical or horizontal wells, ThruBit services both reduce risk and deliver high-quality data.

Borehole integrity with full surface pressure control

The presence of drillpipe in the well protects both the toolstring and the borehole integrity. ThruBit services incorporate surface pressure equipment to enable the driller to rotate the drillstring and also circulate as needed while deploying the logging tools. At all times during ThruBit services deployment and logging, the driller maintains complete control of the drillstring.

ThruBit Dipole Acoustic Service

Log detailed 3D acoustic data to support geomechanical analysis of formations surrounding the borehole in horizontal or challenging profiles of open and cased wells.

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