ThruBit Through-the-Bit Logging Services

ThruBit services logging sequence

1. The Portal pass-through bit is used to ream to TD to prepare the borehole for logging.

2. The driller pulls the bit off bottom to provide room for the logging toolstring, which is pumped through the drillpipe.

3. The toolstring is pushed through the Portal bit opening into the open borehole, where functionality is verified, and then the wireline is disconnected and removed from the drillpipe.

4. Logging in memory mode occurs as the pipe is tripped out of the hole.

5. Once logging is complete, the Portal bit at the end of the drillpipe and toolstring are pulled up into the casing.

6. A retrieval tool is lowered on wireline to latch onto the toolstring and return it to surface.

7. With the logging toolstring recovered from the drillpipe, drilling or other operations can resume while the logging data is reviewed.

ThruBit logging sequence

Through-the-Bit Logging Data Drive Multistage Completion Success

Through-Bit Logging Pays Dividends
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