ThruBit Dipole Through-the-Bit Acoustic Service

Full 3D acoustic data for formation evaluation at any well angle

ThruBit Dipole through-the-bit acoustic service obtains both monopole and cross-dipole waveforms along with Stoneley wave acquisition to deliver a detailed representation of the formations surrounding the borehole for slim, horizontal, or challenging well profiles. A diameter of only 2 1/8 in and the ability to log in either surface readout or memory mode provide ThruBit Dipole service with critical flexibility for high-quality data acquisition in both open and cased holes.

Anisotropy and stress regime identification

Compressional, fast and slow shear, and Stoneley slowness measurements are processed with a 3D anisotropy algorithm with respect to the borehole axes to deliver referenced anisotropic moduli. The formation can then be classified as isotropic or anisotropic, along with determining the type and cause of the anisotropy—intrinsic or stress induced from the drilling process. Anisotropy detection enables identifying formation heterogeneity to support the engineered design of hydraulic fracturing operations and to guide selective perforating and sand control. Well placement and stability can be evaluated by pairing ThruBit Dipole services’ identification of the stress regime with pore pressure data.

Multiconveyance deployment on wireline or ThruBit through-the bit logging services

ThruBit Dipole service is a member of the slim multiconveyance family of formation tools that was originally developed for deployment using innovative ThruBit services conveyance. Whether conveyed on ThruBit services to pass through most drillpipe sizes, jars, and collars before accessing the wellbore through the coordinating Portal pass-through bit or conveyed on wireline in more-conventional wellbores, ThruBit Dipole service provides the acoustic information needed for well completion, fracture stage design, stability assessment, and trajectory planning for future wells.

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ThruBit Dipole Through-the-Bit Acoustic Service
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