Xtreme HPHT Logging Platform

500 degF and 25,000 psi in extreme well environments to 30,000+ ft

The Xtreme high-pressure, high-temperature logging platform redefines the limits of hostile environment logging. Technologies rated to 500 degF and 25,000 psi are integrated into one HPHT wireline string that can log wells deeper than 30,000 ft. Rugged, reliable sensors deliver high-quality, accurate formation evaluation data, giving you a precise assessment of net feet of pay.

Accurate measurements in real time

Tool output for the Xtreme HPHT logging platform is fully corrected for borehole and environmental effects. With measurement resolution and accuracy identical to conventional logging, you’ll have a better understanding of your reservoir characteristics from

  • computed of water resistivity and saturation
  • invasion profile
  • true and invaded-zone resistivities.

The five depths of investigation and three vertical-resolution resistivity measurements of the Hostile Environment Induction Imager Tool (HIT) have the same high quality as those recorded with the conventional AIT array induction imager tool family.

The integrated telemetry, gamma ray, and accelerometer cartridge provide real-time speed correction for all Xtreme measurements. Also, you can monitor the bottomhole temperature in real time.

Additional formation evaluation insight with NGS gamma ray spectrometry

Combining the NGS natural gamma ray spectrometry tool with the Xtreme platform delivers even more answers:

  • better identification of depositional environments
  • definition of facies and shale content
  • clay typing through analyses of formation radioactive isotopes.

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Multiple HPHT Sensors for One-Toolstring Convenience

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