Rt Scanner Triaxial Induction Service

Integrated interpretation of the resistivity data acquired by Rt Scanner triaxial induction service employs advanced workflows, the multidisciplinary expertise of our interpretation geoscientists and engineers working with you as needed, and software such as the Techlog wellbore software platform to maximize the value of your logging data. Vertical resistivity and horizontal resistivity are obtained to perform a laminated sand analysis and accurately determine the net pay in thinly bedded sand and shale sequences. We can also determine the formation dip and analyze the dip patterns for structural features such as slumping or faults. Fracture detection can be conducted using our proprietary software. The result is the fullest possible understanding of complex lithologies that cannot be definitively characterized by conventional resistivity measurements.

Interpretation Services for Rt Scanner Triaxial Induction Service
Wellsite Answers  Resistivity at 1-, 2-, and 4-ft vertical resolution with 10-, 20-, 30-, 60-, and 90-in depth of investigation 
Standard Interpretation Vertical and horizontal resistivity

Structural dip

Resistivity anisotropy
Advanced Interpretation

Laminated sand analysis

     Dispersed versus laminated shale

     Sand fraction

     Sand-fraction resistivity

     Sand-fraction porosity

     Sand-fraction water saturation

     Sand-fraction permeability

     Net pay

Fracture detection and orientation

Sections obtained using StrucView GeoFrame structural cross-section software

Structural and stratigraphic multiwell analysis using the Petrel E&P software platform

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Log shows the extent of the fractured loss zone and the orientation of the fractures.
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Resistivity Anisotropy Reveals Overlooked Hydrocarbons

Rt Scanner Triaxial Induction Service
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