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Petrotechnical services for EOR—from initial screening to full-field implementation

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects are among the most complex and difficult undertakings in the upstream industry. Questions regarding technical and economical viability require answers that are bolstered by industry-spanning and localized expertise, advanced technologies, and multidomain services.

The Schlumberger portfolio of petrotechnical services for EOR offers a unique combination of multidomain expertise, proprietary technologies and software, and expert support to transform your well, field, and reservoir data into better-informed business decisions at every phase of your EOR operation and at every stage of the E&P life cycle.

Data loading and validation

To ensure data quality and quantity are consistent with EOR evaluation standards, we perform comprehensive validation on available data to ensure that enough data of sufficient quality is available for analysis and interpretation.

Data interpretation and analysis

To improve reservoir description for better-informed decision making through all phases of the EOR project life cycle, we qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate how EOR methods would affect each area of the reservoir while going beyond laboratory analysis by including a QC of the created simulation model.


Reservoirs with rock and fluid properties similar to the ones under study are used in EOR method selection, which—combined with the reservoir architecture analysis and analytical simulations—provides a robust basis on which to rank the most viable EOR methods for maximizing conformance.

Production forecasting

In a process that includes production optimization, numerical modeling, and simulation software, production forecasting quantifies how each displacement technique would affect field behavior.

Starting with the end in mind helps increase project efficiency by considerably reducing the time required to perform a reliable screening. 

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