Expert Services for Unconventional Resources

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Petrotechnical services for unconventional resources—from concept to production optimization

Schlumberger petrotechnical services experts work with your in-house professionals to help economically and effectively characterize, develop, and improve recovery from complex unconventional resources. Better reservoir knowledge, leading technologies, and expert collaboration makes the efficient development of unconventional resources a reality, yielding improved operations, enhanced production, predictable results, and greater economic success.

Multidisciplinary expertise and advanced software

Our global network of petrotechnical experts uses industry-leading evaluation tools, such as the Petrel E&P software platform, ECLIPSE reservoir simulation software, and PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software, to provide timely and value-added advice and recommendations. Importantly, consulting with petrotechnical specialists gives you access not only to leading tools and technology but to global technical professionals in unconventional-resource exploration and development.

Global reach with local experience

Schlumberger unconventional resource specialists have experience in other less-common unconventional reservoirs around the world, including fractured carbonates, clastic reservoirs, oil shale, geothermal development, and other complex environments. Together, we can meet the challenges of unconventional plays and work to ensure your success—today and in the future.

Accelerated Unconventional Play Assessment

Shale Oil Consulting

Coalbed Methane Consulting

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