Accelerated Unconventional Play Assessment

Increase certainty in resource acquisition and economics

Rapidly and accurately identifying unconventional resource play opportunities is critical to resource acquisition and asset economics. Early entrants typically realize the greatest return on capital, but rushing to invest can be very costly. Even if resources exist in large quantities, factors like local fiscal regime, regulations, supply availability, and infrastructure issues can make development uneconomical.

Make better-informed decisions faster

Schlumberger Accelerated Unconventional Play Assessment evaluates potential plays from geological, petrophysical, and geomechanical points of view, as well as from a business standpoint. Powered by a comprehensive global shale database and unconventional play expertise from around the world, the proven method helps you select prospects for investment—faster.

Select the best candidates

The comprehensive process narrows a list of candidates to the most promising few, ranked by subsurface information, commercial factors, and your company’s specific growth strategies and objectives. In the final phase, experts select the most prospective plays, generate a risked valuation model, and review decisions before they are final.

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In Which New Basins Should You Invest?

Accelerated Unconventional Play Assessment
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