Shale Oil Consulting

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Multidisciplinary teams with experience in every active shale play around the world

Economic success in shale oil plays depends on locating the best reservoirs and designing the right completions. We offer experts in shale oil basins—globally focused, but with a foundation built on North America. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team, sharing our knowledge of shale oil plays, enabling you to achieve your objectives even more efficiently.

Together, we can

  • identify areas of highest reservoir quality
  • determine optimal well spacing and rank well locations
  • design completions to match specific reservoir variables
  • recommend fit-for-purpose technologies to optimize your production
  • build predictive earth models to support ongoing development plans
  • reduce and quantify uncertainty
  • guide acquisitions and divestitures.

Our consultants can handle any size project on almost any timetable—from a single well or multiwell program to fieldwide or basinwide analysis and reservoir characterization.

Unlike small, niche G&G and engineering firms, Schlumberger petrotechnical services can offer you a fully integrated multidomain team of

  • geologists
  • geophysicists
  • petrophysicists
  • reservoir engineers
  • drilling and completion engineers
  • production engineers.

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