Real-Time Operations Support

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products Society
Oct 2014 Continuous High-Frequency Measurements of the Drilling Process Provide New Insights Into Drilling System Response and Transitions Between Vibration Modes OptiDrill SPE
Oct 2014 Samarang Integrated Operations (IO): Real Time Integration of Wells and Field for Gas Lift Surveillance and Optimization Using Analytical Integrated Modelling Approach Avocet SPE
May 2014 Efficient Drilling of Ultra-HPHT Wells in the Gulf of Thailand Deep Water, High Pressure, High Temperature OTC
May 2014 Highest Reliability Provides World-Class Benchmark For Permanent Downhole Monitoring Installation And Data Delivery In Malaysia Real-Time Operations WellWatcher Neon, WellWatcher, RTAC OTC
May 2014 In-Situ Temperature Measurement of Gas Hydrate Dissociation During the World-First Offshore Production Test Unconventional Resources, Deep Water WellWatcher BriteBlue, WellWatcher Flux OTC
May 2014 A Deepwater Sandface Monitoring System for Offshore Gas Hydrate Production Deep Water, Unconventional Resources WellWatcher BriteBlue, WellWatcher Flux OTC
May 2014 Downhole Viscosity Measurement: Revealing Reservoir Fluid Complexities and Architecture Deep Water, Exploration InSitu Viscosity SPWLA
May 2014 A New Approach to Obtain In-Situ Live Fluid Compressibility in Formation Testing Deep Water InSitu Density SPWLA
Apr 2014 Permanent Downhole Flow Metering Improves Reservoir Management in Subsea Environment: A North Sea Case Study SPE
Apr 2014 Remote Operations for Drilling Services in Deepwater Environments: An Industry Breakthrough Real-Time Operations SPE
Apr 2014 Strategic Well Test Planning Using Random Forest SPE
Apr 2014 Overcoming Constraints with a Visualisation Environment; How Such a Facility Has Begun to Change the Way We Work Real-Time Operations SPE
Apr 2014 A New WITSML/PRODML Data Object to Handle Completions and Well Services Over the Life of a Well Real-Time Operations SPE
Apr 2014 Samarang Integrated Operations (IO): Well Performance Workflows Enable Continuous Well Status and Performance Monitoring Avocet SPE
Apr 2014 Samarang Integrated Operations (IO) - Begin To Deliver Value Avocet SPE
Apr 2014 Avoid Pilot Holes, Land Wells and Optimize Well Placement and Production with Deep Directional Resistivity Logging-While-Drilling GeoSphere SPE
Mar 2014 Application of Real-Time Process Control and Engineering Software Simulation in Foam Cementing SPE
Mar 2014 On the Benefits of Automation in Improving the Drilling Efficiency in Offshore Activities Deep Water SPE
Mar 2014 Unified Team Approach: Leveraging Real-Time Capabilities Reduces NPT While Enhancing HSE Effectiveness Real-Time Operations SPE
Mar 2014 A Step Change in Deepwater Test Operations with Downhole Wireless Telemetry Deep Water Muzic SPE
Mar 2014 Well Performance Workflow Automation: An Integrated Operations (IO) Approach to Unlock the Field Potential for Samarang Asset Avocet OTC
Mar 2014 Real Time Slickline: Unlocking Additional Production With Reduced Uncertainties in Limited Space Platforms LIVE Digital SPE
Apr 2013 Unconventional Reservoir Development in Mexico: Lessons Learned From the First Exploratory Wells Unconventional Resources, Geomechanics, Real-Time Operations, Exploration Mangrove, ECS, OBMI, Sonic Scanner, MDT, AbrasiFRAC, HiWAY, StimMAP, Petrel SPE
Mar 2013 Utilizing Wired Drill Pipe Technology During Managed Pressure Drilling Operations to Maintain Direction Control, Constant Bottom-hole Pressures, and Wellbore Integrity in a Deep, Ultra-depleted Reservoir Deep Water, Real-Time Operations IADC
Sep 2012 Evolution of Multi-Mineral Formation Evaluation Using LWD Data in Complex Carbonates Offshore Brazil Carbonates, Deep Water, Real-Time Operations, Exploration IBP
Jun 2012 The Introduction of an At-Bit Natural Gamma Ray Imaging Tool Reduces Risk Associated with Real-Time Geosteering Decisions in Coalbed Methane Horizontal Wells Unconventional Resources, Real-Time Operations iPZIG SPWLA
Apr 2012 Geomechanics Characterization of the Clastics and Carbonates Formation of Southern Fields of Mexico (2005 - 2009) Carbonates, High Pressure, High Temperature, Real-Time Operations, Geomechanics, Exploration Petrel, VISAGE, Sonic Scanner SPE
Mar 2012 Improved Performance in Real-Time Operational Support Processes via Application Process Workflow Optimization Techniques in Russia Real-Time Operations SPE
Mar 2012 Digital Oilfield Implementation in High Pressure High Temperature Sour Gas Environment: Kuwait Oil Company Challenges & Guidelines Real-Time Operations, Carbonates, High Pressure, High Temperature, Flow Assurance SPE
Mar 2012 Integrating WITSML, PRODML, and RESQML Standards for Cross-Domain Workflows SPE
Mar 2012 The Development and Successful Application of an Automated Real-Time Drilling Fluids Measurement System Real-Time Operations SPE