Remote Operations

Centralized expertise and operational management for reduced risk and NPT

Whether managing straightforward high-volume or complex offshore drilling projects, Schlumberger advanced technologies and workflows allow new opportunities to remotely centralize expertise in order to reduce HSE exposure, nonproductive time (NPT), and transportation/operations costs by minimizing personnel on board (POB).

Intelligent completions remotely obtain downhole pressure and temperature data in real time to identify problems in the reservoir or wellbore and optimize production without costly well intervention. Sensing, data transmission, and remote control of zonal flow to isolate the formation from completion fluids help operators minimize fluid loss, manage the reservoir, maintain well integrity, and maximize production without the need for personnel to be present at the wellsite.

Remote Operations for Drilling

Access expert drilling teams for efficient, remote management of drilling operations.

Intellizone Compact Modular Zonal Management System

Control wells on land and offshore with the first fully integrated intelligent flow control system for multizone wells.

Downhole Flow Control Valves

Deploy flow control valves in multizone intelligent completion, comingled-flow completions, auto (natural) gas-lift wells, and other harsh well environments.

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Multiple Zone Control

IntelliZone Compact modular zonal management system
The IntelliZone Compact modular multizonal management system, only
30 ft long, allows three zones to be controlled on a single line.
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