Remote Monitoring & Surveillance

Make informed decisions using your real-time data

Real-time monitoring of operational data is required for informed assistance with decision making and rapid efforts to troubleshoot challenges. Schlumberger offers a wide array of both domain-specific and vendor-neutral services and software.

InterACT Service

Real-Time Data Services

Acquire, manage, and deliver real-time data from Schlumberger and third-party services at the rig to the petrotechnical application to enable drilling and operational workflows.

Hydraulic Fracture Mapping Service

Monitor hydraulic fracture systems in real time as they are created.

Production Monitoring and Surveillance

Real-time monitoring, control, and intervention services to identify opportunities to improve production in underperforming wells or fields.

Drilling Software

Stay in your operating window by understanding subsurface geomechanics and dynamic fluids behavior with vendor-neutral software.

Production Software

Get a clear and up-to-date picture of your operations, enabling you to understand and act to hit all of your production targets using data from Schlumberger or third-party services.

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Real-Time Collaboration—
Any Time, Anywhere.

InterACT Connectivity, Collaboration, and Information Service
InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service lets you monitor and manage wellsite information from the office or the road. Visit InterACT Service page

Monitor Microseismic Fractures in Real Time

Microseismic hydraulic monitoring—record activity during the fracturing process
StimMAP hydraulic fracture mapping service provides results within 30 seconds of microseismic activity.
Visit StimMAP Service page