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Comprehensive range of physical and digital rock and fluid analysis services for the life of your reservoir

The E&P industry is digitally evolving, but the basis for comprehensive reservoir characterization is still rock and fluid analysis provided by Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories. Our combination of a complete portfolio of services, advanced technologies, and petrotechnical expertise efficiently delivers accurate, precise results for making timely informed decisions for your reservoir. Whether you need to find the most profitable zones, ensure completion quality, or understand phase behavior under simulated or real operating conditions, the physical and digital analysis services we provide across our global reservoir laboratory network help you leverage the dynamic properties of your reservoir to mitigate risk and maximize production.

Fluid Laboratory Services

Rock Laboratory Services

CoreFlow Digital Rock and Fluid Analytics Services

Fluid Inclusion Technology

Determine the origin and geological history of rocks and fluids to better address petroleum system and reservoir characterization challenges—helping you manage exploration and appraisal risk.

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Rapidly Evaluate the Entire Borehole for Trapped Hydrocarbons

Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy Analysis
In-depth information about mineral and chemical facies can be easily integrated with wireline logs, providing guidance for more advanced mineralogical or geochemical studies.
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