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Fluid Inclusion Technology proprietary services and techniques enable our customers to better address petroleum system and reservoir characterization challenges. 

Fluid inclusion stratigraphy analysis

The FIS fluid inclusion stratigraphy analysis rapidly evaluates the entire wellbore for the abundance, distribution, and composition of hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon species trapped in inclusions in cuttings or core samples. FIS analysis is applicable to any lithology or reservoir, providing information within five days for approximately 500 cutting samples. 
Download product sheet (2.17 MB PDF)

Fluid inclusion petrography

Fluid inclusion petrography is determined using thick, polished sections of rock material under transmitted plane-polarized light and episcopic illumination with a high-intensity UV source. Petroleum and aqueous fluid inclusion populations are identified along with relevant variables, such as fluorescence color, distribution, and abundance. Download product sheet (4.68 MB PDF)

Fluid inclusion microthermometry

Fluid inclusion microthermometry is performed through advanced quantification of petroleum and aqueous fluid inclusions using a specially designed temperature-controlled chamber attached to a petrographic microscope. Phase changes and other observations within individual fluid inclusions are recorded and compared with appropriate phase diagrams or calibration curves to derive desired data, such as temperature, salinity, and API gravity. 
Download product sheet (4.68 MB PDF)

Organic petrography

The organic petrography service delivers information about source rock type and associated organic matter, thermal maturity level, and the hydrocarbon generation zone. Download product sheet (3.19 MB PDF)

PDQ-XRF analysis and RockEye photography

Rapid elemental analysis of major, minor, and trace elements in rock material across the entire borehole is conducted through PDQ-XRF X-ray fluorescence and elemental analysis and RockEye automated high-resolution photography, which provides focus-stacked digital imaging of rock material in white light under UV illumination.

PetroFecta analysis

The PetroFecta automated trapped fluid and elemental composition analysis combines the lab’s three primary services—FIS analysis, PDQ-XRF analysis, and RockEye photography. This three-stage analytical process is completed on the same piece of rock material, preserving the interrelationships among rock composition, texture, and fluids. The PetroFecta analysis can be completed on an entire borehole within five days.

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