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dbrHydrate fluid analysis software is a leading program designed to predict incipient gas-to-liquid hydrate formation conditions in multicomponent hydrocarbon systems in the absence or presence of hydrate inhibitors. The software predicts the minimum inhibitor injection rate as a function of the water cut and also performs a multiphase flash that calculates the distribution of inhibitors in the vapor, liquid hydrocarbon, and aqueous phases. The program also predicts the maximum water content permissible before hydrates will form at the operating conditions.

dbrHydrate software combines the Peng-Robinson equation of state with the Ng-Robinson hydrate-forming routine to offer the capability of predicting the effect of common hydrate inhibitors such as salts (sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and calcium chloride), methanol, glycols, and glycerol on incipient hydrate formation.

dbrHydrate software predicts the water content of a system at specified pressures and temperatures in various phase and hydrate formation regions. It performs three-phase flash calculations and determines whether hydrates will form at given temperature and pressure. It calculates the freezing point of the aqueous phase and indicates hydrate formation structure. It determines multiphase equilibria for a given system at hydrate formation conditions.

Using the software, exploration and production professionals are able to customize component groups and samples using a built-in component data bank. Customized data units and unit conversions are available through user-friendly dropdown tabs. Finally, dbrHydrate software provides a full range of standard phase-behavior fluid property graphs through a built-in plotting utility.

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dbrHydrate Fluid Analysis Software
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