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Laboratory fluid measurement stimulation and analysis

PVTz software is part of the Schlumberger fluid software suite, designed to capture and optimize information on fluids data under operating conditions. The suite records fluid phase behavior information during routine PVT lab analysis. For instance, the program can use piston heights to calculate volumes. Raw data are entered into the PVTz software module, which produces ready-to-report values by using defined definitions and equations within the program.

Data quality is verified by the program’s material balance calculation for each test. In addition, an equilibrium check can be performed for all flash tests.

PVTz software provides high-quality reservoir fluid property data, standardizes reporting, increases laboratory productivity, and reduces laboratory costs. The output data file contains the original raw data, adjustments, and final reported data.

The software complements other Schlumberger fluid-modeling offerings, including PVT phase behavior equipment, gas chromatographs, PVT Pro EOS modeling software, and the PVT ReCORD data management and delivery system. PVTz software results can be sent seamlessly to PVT Pro software and the PVT ReCORD system database.

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