Heavy Oil Studies

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Analyze, characterize, and better understand dense-hydrocarbon properties

Successful analysis and characterization of heavy oils require the collection of representative reservoir fluids. Schlumberger collects homogenous, single-phase, heavy oil samples at the surface and in downhole openhole and cased-hole environments.

PVT and specialized studies for stock-tank and live oils

Our global laboratories offer

  • HPHT PVT studies at pressures to 15,000 psi and temperatures to 250 degC
  • solvent studies, including miscibility, swelling, and PVT analyses
  • vapor-liquid equilibria of live oil with solvent, water, or both at high temperatures
  • solids detection of asphaltenes using a high-pressure microscope and solids detections system
  • live-oil and dead-oil rheology
  • porous-media flow studies using sandpacks or etched-plate micromodels
  • live-oil emulsion generation and demulsifier chemical testing
  • live foamy oil studies and defoamer chemical testing
  • apparent viscosities and kinetics of gasbubble formation in foamy oils
  • hydrate formation conditions.

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HPHT Fluid Viscosity Standards

reservoir fluid viscosity
Cambridge Viscosity and Schlumberger collaborate to determine industry's interest in viscosity standards appropriate for HPHT conditions.
Visit HPHT Viscosity Standards page