Maze Microfluidic SARA Analysis

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Coupling microfluidics and spectroscopy for precise SARA measurements

The Maze microfluidic SARA analysis fully automates the process for testing oil samples for saturates, aromatics, resins, and asphaltenes (SARA)—coupling novel microfluidic chip technology and spectroscopy—for precise measurements that are always repeatable and reproducible.

Results from the Maze microfluidic SARA analysis bring certainty to your operation, with multiple upstream and downstream applications—including validating oil samples prior to PVT analysis, understanding physical and refining properties, assessing crude oil value, and supporting flow assurance and geochemical studies.

SARA analysis—reinvented

Maze microfluidic SARA analysis is a two-part process within a single, self-contained platform. First, asphaltenes are determined using a proprietary microfluidic chip, followed by identification of saturates, aromatics, and resins using a miniaturized chromatographic column. Each fraction measurement is achieved through application of optical absorbance measurement using spectrometer and refractometer technologies.

Precise measurements—quicker, without subjectivity

Conventional SARA analysis requires extensive time and material resources, liters of solvents, and large laboratory footprint. Results vary widely from lab to lab due to slight procedural and equipment modifications, operator competency and efficiency, and chemical purity and availability.

With Maze microfluidic SARA analysis, conventional methods—which are cumbersome and time consuming—are now automated, removing operator dependency and subjectivity from the analysis. Turnaround time is also reduced to 4 hours for Maze analysis compared with 3 to 5 days for conventional technology.

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Fully Automated Method for SARA Analysis

The Maze microfluidic SARA analysis is a two-part process within a single, self-contained platform—providing full automation for precise measurements.
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Accepted by ASTM International Standard

Maze microfluidic SARA analysis is accepted by ASTM International Standard D7996 for asphaltene content measurement. Read press release