TerraTek Rock and Core Analysis Services

Rock Mechanics and Core Analysis Services

Rock mechanics and core analysis services provide vital answers needed to understand reservoir rock behavior and the mechanical changes associated with completion and production operations.

From characterizing the reservoir and finding the most profitable zones to ensuring completion quality for long-lasting, predictable results, rock and core analysis services offer a comprehensive suite of services that can be used throughout the life of your reservoir.

  • Predict reservoir producibility. Our services readily integrate into your workflow for accurate evaluation of your reservoir’s production potential.
  • Prevent additional costs. We help determine the most effective and stable completion and stimulation designs to prevent costly interventions and premature abandonment.
  • Produce reliably and repeatedly. Our evaluation of reservoir rock heterogeneity helps ensure the best stimulation treatments and completions for maximum, repeatable productivity.

Tight Rock Analysis Service

Laboratory Services for Unconventional Resources

Laboratory Services for Deep Water

Organic Petrography Service

The organic petrography service delivers information about source rock type and associated organic matter, thermal maturity level, and the hydrocarbon generation zone. Download product sheet (3.19 MB PDF)

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Optimize Completions with Integrated Laboratory Services

TerraTek Rock Mechanics and Core Analysis Services
Evaluation of the Barnett Shale formation with rock mechanics and core analysis services helped boost production by 500 Mcf/d.
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