StethoScope Formation Pressure-While-Drilling Service

Rapid pressure analysis for keeping in zone

Real-time StethoScope FPWD measurements, delivered to surface by on-demand frame technology, facilitate geosteering and geostopping decisions based on the pressure regimes encountered. Quick decisions can avoid time spent drilling pressure-related formations and preserve virgin pressure zones scheduled for sidetrack development or completion.

Pressure data to surface in real time

As the tool is set, accurate pressure gauges start recording. Pressure data is sent to the surface in real time, and the profile is drawn.

Upon completion of the sequence, the tool is retracted and drilling resumes.

StethoScope tool is set. Pressure data sent to surface.


Final formation pressure points are highlighted on profile (bottom) and transferred to the existing pore pressure mode (top).

Final formation pressure points are highlighted.


The pressure mode is recalibrated and redrawn with less uncertainty. When pore pressure is known, mud weights can be altered to resume drilling.

Pressure points are transferred to the existing pore pressure mode, recalibrated, and redrawn.