VPWD Collar-Mounted Verified Pressure-While-Drilling Service

Measure downhole pressure conditions in real time

The collar-mounted verified pressure-while-drilling service provides real-time information about dynamic pressure conditions downhole. These conditions directly relate to equivalent circulation density (ECD) and equivalent static density (ESD), which are paramount to drilling performance and operational safety. VPWD service measurements help operators optimize performance and minimize risk by quickly identifying any issues with hole cleaning, borehole stability, and well control. The instantaneous delivery of data enables fast and informed decision making.

Annular pressure and temperature measurements

The VPWD service acquires circulating and static measurements of internal and annular pressure, as well as annular temperature. This service is capable of measuring both internal pressure and annular pressure, as well as mud temperature. The data is delivered to surface using TeleScope high-speed telemetry-while-drilling service. Measurements acquired while pumps are off are sent to surface when the pumps are turned back on.

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